vegetable peeler machine

You would hardly have Seen Such a Vegetable Peeler Machine. Waste does not Spread.

Vegetables are made every day in our house, but while making vegetables, we remove the peels of the vegetables. By the way, peelers are available in the market for peeling vegetables. Which are also available to us at low cost.

vegetable peeler machine

Earlier, when the peeler was not invented, people used to make vegetables without peeling them or by peeling them with the help of a knife, but now it is not so.

The texture of an ordinary peeler is such that when we peel the vegetables, their peels get scattered around.

But the peeler I am talking about. It is designed keeping this problem in mind. A drum is fitted in this peeler.

When the vegetables are peeled with this Vegetable Peeler Machine, the peel comes in the drum. Which we keep in a safe place.

Wonderchef Smart Multifunctional Vegetable/Fruit Peeler for Kitchen with Containers, Stainless Steel Blade

Rs. 400
Rs. 249
as of November 21, 2022 12:00 am

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