Looking at the problems facing Windows 11, Microsoft is planning to launch Windows 12 soon. A report has claimed that Windows 12 will be launched by Microsoft in 2024.

Microsoft is preparing to launch Windows 12 in such a way that users of Windows 11 can launch Windows 12 only through updates.

Along with this, it is also being claimed that “Sun Valley 3” is a major update. Which was to be launched next year. This update has been stopped by the company.

Will Microsoft launch Windows 12 in 2024?

Zack Bowden of Windows Central said that the roadmap for Windows 12 has been prepared. We will continue to bring new versions of Windows every three years.

It is being told in the report that Windows 11 will be updated before the launch of Windows 12 in 2024. If Windows 12 is launched within two years, then the company’s team will decide whether to give new versions of Windows 11 or not. Versions of Windows 11 will keep coming before the launch of Windows 12.

The most important version of Windows 11 is 2H22. It updates all popular operating systems. Currently, the latest operating system from Microsoft is Windows 11. It has been made half as easy and advanced as compared to other versions.

There are some users who cannot use windows 11. For such users, the company has launched Windows 10 LTSC Enterprise. In this, you can use some functions similar to windows 11.

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