Honda Civic Type R

The alleged image of the Honda Civic Type R has been leaked. Its image was posted on the 11th Gen Civic Forum on Wednesday.

In the alleged leaked image, the Honda Civic Type R looks more attractive than the old Civic. The position of the wing rear remains the same as before.

The leaked image has not been confirmed. We will have to wait a long time for this image to become a reality.

Honda had announced in the second week of July that the “Honda Civic Type R” would be launched in the month of July 2023.

This prototype has been told that the Honda Civic Type R uses a 6-speed manual and a powerful turbo-4 engine to supply power to the front wheels.

The Honda Civic is based on the fifth generation of the Type R nameplate and the 10th generation of the Civic platform. So a new version is being expected.

Honda says that there is an increase of 8% in stiffness and 13% in bending stiffness over the previous generation.

The Honda Civic Type R will be the same as the previous model with 306 HP. Honda says that the new model will hit the market.

Let us inform you that Honda Civic Type R was first made in usa. It will be produced at the Greensburg, Indiana, factory.

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