Google celebrates people’s holidays, events, and achievements by changing the logo (sign) on their homepage, which is a kind of permanent change, which is called a Google doodle.

The first Google doodle was in honor of the 1998 Burning Man Festival.

Today the Google doodle is celebrating the 112th birthday of German electronic musician and physicist Oscar Sala on 18 July.

Oscar Sala was born in Greece, Germany in 1910, and was immersed in music by birth.

His mother was a singer and father was an ophthalmologist.

He began composing and composing instruments such as the violin and piano at the age of 14.

When Oscar Sala first heard about a device called troutonium, he was fascinated by this technology and made it his life’s mission to master troutonium.

Also created the Sala Quartet-Trautonium, Concert Trautonium and Volkstratonium. The Volkstratonium was introduced to the public in 1933 at the Berliner Funkasstellung radio exhibition.

Interestingly, the device started producing noises that resembled the sound of a bird crying.

It felt like hammering and doors, window slams.

This led to Oscar Sala being presented with several awards for his work.

Oscar Sala became very famous, having met many artists and was honored in radio broadcasts and films.

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