Hello friends, in this article you will know whether the sensor of a smartphone can detect 5 years of mortality.

According to a study, one lakh people were tested after which it was found that mobile sensors can detect the risk of death in the next 5 years by running for 5 minutes.

You know that nowadays most people are using fitness tracker watches so that they can maintain their health. And smartwatches also detect how well you slept.

Similarly, our phone also has a motion tracker which is enough to detect by our 5-minute motion sensor how much the risk of dying in the next 5 years.

Data was collected by Biobank on one million 655 people in the UK, including underage people, who wore motion trackers, after which 2 of them died in 5 years.

The researchers used machine learning to build a model that would measure the risk of death over 5 years from a 6-minute walk.

It was also reported by the researchers that individuals with the disease or in the general population have

a pattern of breathing that is inhaled once and exhaled once and is then acted upon in doses.