Developed by Microsoft, Windows 11 is a flagship series of ANT operating systems. It was launched on 24 June 2021

Recently, Windows 11 has updated the Stack package to improve the external quality. Microsoft has started testing Stack Packages. The facility of this package has started reaching the people by the end of this year.

Microsoft officials asked to deploy the Stack Packages feature at the time of the update to reduce the reported issue.

Microsoft has recently announced the next-gen Windows 11, a big series of operating systems, which will be launched on October 5.

Talking about the update in Microsoft Windows 11, there have been many updates like-

Start Menu – With the update of the Start Menu in Windows 10, you can center the user content, it was earlier on the left side, due to which there has been a big change in the interface.

Snap Layouts-

With this feature update, Snap provides a powerful way to multitask and optimize the screen of Groups and Desktops. This allows the user to organize their apps in a better way.

Microsoft Teams Taskbar – This provides a way to quickly connect users, as well as provide chatting and video calls with this feature. Because the taskbar is integrated.

The Voice Typing feature – in this picture allows users to customize the keypads as well as the operating systems of smartphones.

Support of Android Apps – The most amazing thing in this is that it supports Android apps as well.

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