At this time the winter season is going on. Watermelons are less available in winter. But you get watermelon at this time and you are told to cut it like the image below and the video above

Watermelon Slicing Knife

Which will be served in front of the guests. If you cut this work with the help of a normal knife. So while cutting watermelon, may not cut it according to the given picture

So here it is presented to you. Watermelon slicing knife. Which is made only for cutting watermelon. With its help, you can cut watermelon quickly.

The cut watermelon with the help of this knife also looks good. It also makes it easier to eat sliced watermelon.

This knife is made of stainless material. Which is more durable and does not rust. The total weight of this knife is 62 grams. How did you like this tool, do give your opinion.

Lukzer Plastic Watermelon Cutter Windmill Slicer Cutter Peeler, Green

Rs. 499
Rs. 249
as of January 16, 2023 6:58 am

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