In modern astrology, it is said that when the moon comes closest to the earth.

So in this situation, the moon appears bigger and brighter in size than on a normal day. This is an astronomical event.

It is believed that during this event, there may be an earthquake along with the tides in the sea.

Supermoons occur mostly on the night of the full moon, causing more light to spread across the sky than on a normal day.

A supermoon is also known as Strawberry Moon.
This time the supermoon of 2022 is being considered Buck Moon, it is named after the deer.

The supermoon will be visible between 2:38 minutes on the night of July 13 and 12:08 on Thursday morning.

In 1979, the phenomenon of the supermoon was first told by an astrologer named Richard Knoll, which was later accepted by NASA US space agency.

Who pointed out that this event is a full moon that occurs within 70% of Earth’s closest approach position.

This phenomenon causes tidal effects on the planet which are very low types of tides.

Astronomers say that this time the possibility of flooding in the coastal areas may increase.

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