Stay Alert, Stay Safe: The 6 Best Safety Apps for Women

Safety is a top priority for women, and with the rise of smartphones, there are now several apps available that can provide added protection. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best apps for women’s safety, so you can feel secure and protected at all times.

1. bSafe

This app allows users to set up emergency contacts, send out a “fake call” to get out of a potentially dangerous situation, and even track your location in real-time. The app also includes a “Guardian Alert” feature that sends out an emergency alert to your designated contacts if you don’t return within a specified time frame.

2. Circle of 6:

This app allows users to set up a “circle” of contacts who can be quickly contacted in case of an emergency. It also includes a feature that allows users to call a taxi or a pre-programmed emergency number with just two taps. The app also includes a “Car Safe” feature that sends a pre-written text message to your chosen contacts with your location when you tap twice on the app icon.

3. Noonlight:

This app allows users to send alerts to emergency responders with the push of a button, and also has a “Panic Button” feature that sends an alert to emergency responders when activated. The app also has an option of integration with smart home devices like Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT.

4. Red Panic Button:

This app sends an emergency message along with the GPS location to a pre-defined contact list. It has a simple one-click activation and can be useful in emergency situations.

6. React Mobile:

This app allows users to send out a “SOS” alert to a pre-determined list of contacts and also allows you to track your location in real-time. The app also includes a “Follow Me” feature that allows friends and family to track your location in real-time.

7. Kitestring:

This app allows you to set a timer for a specific duration and if you don’t check-in, it will send a message to your emergency contact. The app also includes a feature that sends a text message to your emergency contact if you don’t respond to the check-in message.

These are just a few of the best apps for women’s safety. It’s important to note that these apps should be used as a supplement to other safety measures, not as a substitute. It’s always best to have a plan in place for staying safe, and to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Also, it’s important to be aware of the limitations of these apps, such as, they may not work in areas with poor network coverage, and should not be solely relied upon for personal safety.

It’s always good to have more than one option for your safety, and these apps can provide an extra layer of protection. With these apps, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a way to quickly and easily alert your loved ones and emergency responders in case of an emergency

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