The NGO full form is a non-governmental organization.

What is NGO?

NGO has a full form of a non-governmental organization. It is a private organization. In which there is no intervention of the government.NGO is an organization that can be run by anyone. The rules of the government have to be followed to run NGO. The register is under the NGO’s Central Society Act under the Government of India. In Rajasthan, Register NGO comes under the Rajasthan Society Act.

Purpose of NGO’s

The main purpose of NGOs is social service. In this, the needy people are served. The education of poor and orphaned children is taken care of. Providing free books to poor children. Helping older people is the work of an NGO.

How to join NGOs?

You can join NGO in two ways.

  1. Join NGO as a member.
  2. You open your own NGO.

Join NGOs as a member

Before joining NGO, make sure that you have a sense of social service or not. In the second case, you have done the course of NGO BSW / MSW. If you fit in either of these two situations, then you should join NGO. NGOs can be joined online and offline. To join online, you can apply to any nearby NGO by using google search.

How to start your own NGO?

At least 7 members are required to start NGO. Before starting NGO, you have to do your objective even by which society you want to start NGO. You have to decide how you will help people, that is, in which field you want to do social service.

You need some documents to start NGO. trust deed/memorandum of association rules and regulation/memorandum, articles of association regulation in proof, residences proof.

Under which act to register NGO.

Trust Act

The Trust Act varies from state to state. If there is no trust act in any state, then the trust act 1882 will apply there. Two trustees will be required to register under the Trust Act. Trust deed is required to register under the Trust Act.

Society Act

If you want to register NGO under the society act. For this, you need a memorandum of association rules and regulations. At least 7 members are required to register under the Society Act.

Companies Act

If you want to renounce NGO under the Companies Act. So memorandum and articles rules and regulation are required.

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