Mars rover Curiosity, built at a cost of 250 USD, celebrated its 10th birthday on Friday. This mars rover curiosity orbits Mars to find out if there was life on Mars billions of years ago

Image shared by NASA, which has been taken by Mars rover from the planet Mars, we will talk about it now

mars rovar curiosity
Mars Rover

1. A non-doorway doorway

A non-door way doorway  Image taken by Mars Rover Curiosity’s Mast Camera (Mastcam) which shows a door and a wall next to it

2. Martian lakebed

This image 9 September 2015 Mars curiosity is taken of its own place as it passes

This image taken from Mars curiosity suggests that a rock with a uniform layered rock shows a distinctive pattern up to a lake-bottom sedimentary deposit from where flowing water enters a lake

3.Paraitepuy Pass

This image 9 September 2015 Mars curiosity is taken of its own place as it passes

4. The Avanavero drill site

This image is created by combining 127 separate images, taken on the 20 June 2022 Avanovero drill site for a 360 degree panorama

5. SAM Instrument selfie

Mars rover taken by curiosity while it was doing installation

6. Panorama near Sierra Maigualida

Mars rover curiosity This image was taken on 22 May 2022  This parerma is the larger of the 133 person image Simi

7. Flaky, streambed rocks

The flaky rock was retrieved by mars rover curiosity on June 2, 2022, showing that it was formed by streams from an old small pond

8. Martian flower

This image has been taken by Mars rover on 24 February 2022, about this flower, NASA said that it must have been made when it was water

9. Postcard from Mars

The image here was taken by Citi toward the Mars rover on November 16, 2021. This image was taken by the rover twice a day to capture panoramas of the scene.

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