an asteroid will reach very close to Earth
an asteroid will reach very close to Earth

Another threat is heading toward our planet. This giant asteroid is on its way to Earth. This has been confirmed by NASA.

The collision is said to be the main reason for this giant asteroid moving towards the Earth. NASA said that after the collision, the path of a large part of it turned towards the Earth.

Some parts of this asteroid are coming towards space and some towards Earth. A huge piece of this asteroid whose 50-story building has to be conquered.

According to NASA, this asteroid is going to pass very close to Earth on July 17. This giant asteroid has been named 2022 KY4.

It is the concern of the astronomers that it should not deviate from its path, otherwise, great destruction can come to the earth. Where it falls, there can be a lot of damage to life and property.

Asteroids are made up of giant rocks. It seems to revolve around the Sun. Sometimes due to a collision or due to the gravity of the earth, it starts moving towards the earth.

Small asteroids are destroyed by burning in the Earth’s atmosphere. But large asteroids collide with the surface of the Earth and cause a lot of damage.

According to NASA, the diameter of the 2022 KY4 asteroid is 88 meters. Moving at a speed of 16,900 mph. In comparison, it is taller than the Statue of Liberty.

The 2022 KY4 asteroids were observed in 1959 and 1948.


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