cartwheel galaxy
1st Image of cartwheel Galaxy and 2nd Image is below (Credit : NASA , ESA,CSA,STScl,)

The image you see above is of the cartwheel galaxy and we will talk about it in detail later. The space telescope shows us how the powerful infrared gaze of the galaxy has changed over billions of years.

Nasa opinion about the cartwheel galaxy

Soon NASA told about the new picture cartwheel galaxy taken by the James Webb Telescope on its website. New things came to the fore about the star present in the Cartwheel galaxy and about the central black holes in it.

James Webb’s powerful infrared gaze also revealed many other Cartwheels against Milkyway Land and other Milkyway photo taken by James Webb.

After this, NASA explained that it provides a new perspective on how the Cartwheel Galaxy has changed over billions of years. The cartwheel galaxy is located about 500 million light years away from the Sculptor constellation, which is a rare sight.

This is a high-speed collision of a large spiral galaxy and a small galaxy which is not visible in this image Looking at the image of this cartwheel galaxy, it seems that it is like the wheel of a car, which is the result of a big collision.

2n Image of Cartwheel Galaxy

Cartwhee galaxy
2nd Image of cartwheel Galaxy and 1st Image is above (Credit : NASA , ESA,CSA,STScl,)

In the first story, we talked about how the wheel of the galaxy has changed over millions of years and we will talk further that the inner ring and outer ring are spread over 440 million years.

The second image of the Cartwheel galaxy seen above, taken by Webb’s Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI), shows the Milkyway’s Cluster. A smaller ring is visible in the middle and a larger ring outside, which astronomers call the “Cartwheel Galaxy”.

The inside is made up of the luminous ring and the outside active ring, which can be seen by looking at the outer ring a lot of stars are being formed and there is a lot of dust in the area and a lot of stars are visible inside and much of their shape and structure are affected in the collision, as you can see how the outer ring is protruding from the center ring, that too in this way.

As we throw a stone in a pond, water starts spreading around it. Astrologers call it the “Ring Galaxy“. He has a less general structure than spiral galaxies like our Milky Way and its center is the brightest ring and the outer ring is at a distance of 440 million light years.

Diffusion is dominated by star formation and supernovae. Its picture was taken with the Webb telescope, it was not clear due to dust. Following Webb, with the ability to detect infrared light, the image is exposed and you can read its secrets.

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