We feel very bad when the zip of our pants, bag, or frock gets damaged. In this case, our products are perfect, yet due to the damage to the zip, we have to throw our product or repair it at a nearby shop by paying a higher price.

If I tell you my experience, I have many bags and jeans. Their condition is good but their zips are damaged

How to Fix the Broken Zipper on the Bag

In this, I am a very lazy boy. I don’t take them to the shop to get them repaired because I get jealous. But while researching, I found a product with the help of which we can repair the bad zip at home.

As shown in the video, it has an auto-locking system with the help of which you can easily lock the zipper.

Such products are available in the market. Some zippers are made of plastic and some the metal. According to me, metal zippers are beneficial as they do not get damaged quickly.

how to install a zipper.

First of all, choose the zipper according to your product, if it is a bag, then choose the zipper of the bag, if it is jeans, then choose the zipper of jeans, if it is a frock.

Remove the old zipper with the help of a tool and lock the zipper by moving the zipper to the center as shown in the video.

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