Whatever comes to mind, all people search on Google, now this is not happening, most of the young people now search on Google and go to tik tok and Instagram and spend most of their time on Instagram and tik tok.

Google executive Radhav Prabhakar told an astonishing thing that 40% of younger like to search on tik tok and Instagram, younger search on google, and also very less on the map they search by going to Instagram and tickets.

Raghav Prabhakar opinion

And Raghav Prabhakar also told that the question one asks is very different.

And also revealed that most people no longer search on Google, they are going to the Discover feature, and they only see what is trending, which is why you are declining on Google search.

Studies show that like people, 40% of young people have to eat lunch, then instead of Google Map, they search Instagram and tik tok.

Acousticized by the website itself that Raghav’s comments are based on internal research involving Americans aged 18 to 24.

। Fact

Google is not taking these problems lightly, it is working on AI so that the search engine can be made better and better.

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