Galaxy Watch 5 pro vs Apple series 8 : 

Every competition is devastated by their competitors in the same market. To meet designation, one company crosses the other by its product. Nowadays there is enormous competition between the recently sent out Samsung Galaxy watch 5 pro and the upcoming releasing Apple watch for series 8.

Galaxy watch 5 pro versus Apple watch series 8 comparison! 

So starts with the Samsung watch which is composed of 1.4 inches screen measuring about 45.4 mm and mainly Weighted up to 46.5 grams. Battery health is 590 mAh which means it can survive up to 60 hours or more. Samsung galaxy watch 5 pro is round in shape with a decent look.

More features: 

Price : 

Ranging between 350$-390$ at a start rate but can increase up to demand.

Now have a look towards the Apple watch of series 8. Apple has a successful business with the last watches of the same series but the 8 is ready to hike the market with its 1.99 inches screen, primarily for a look of 47-50 mm. Battery lasts up to 18 hours for a consistent time. The series 8 is square in a tremendous look.

More features: 


Its price would be nearly 900$-990$. 


The market is captured by the views of people according to the product. In a survey, more than 50% of people are satisfied with the Samsung watch 5 pro because of its price, battery health, and many other options. While 40% of pupils were going with Apple watch preferably those with Ios users. Go for the best one and enjoy their features and specifications so that all know about these splendid smartwatches to be tasted. 

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