The US space agency NASA has released 6 more pictures with the best ever high-resolution and colorful pictures of space from the James Webb Space Telescope.

In this picture, it seems as if the stars are being formed as well as the mountains are also looking bad in this picture, for the first time such a clean and clear picture has come in front of the people.

US President Joe Biden and NASA talked together about the first picture taken from the James Webb Telescope (SMACS 0723), they told that the galaxy can be seen in the picture, the same NASA says that things like black holes also Research can be done.

James Webb Space Telescope Second Picture

NASA has to say about the second picture that this is also a picture of the galaxy, in which they can be seen very closely, many things in them are the same as before, they looked like this billion of years ago James Webb Space Telescope takes about four days to make this picture

James Webb Space Telescope Third Picture

In the third picture taken with the telescope, a star in the nebula named Southern Ring can be seen. Scientists say that nebulae are clouds made of gas and dust, between which stars are formed, in this picture they are on the verge of extinction, in this the outer layer of the nebula is visible, it is 2000 from Earth. is located at a distance of light-years

James Webb Space Telescope Fourth Picture

In the fourth picture, the world’s first galaxy can be seen, which was discovered by the scientist, in which there are four to five faults that are coming closer to each other day by day.

James Webb Space Telescope Fifth Picture

The fifth picture is one of the largest mongooses in space, which is located at a distance of 7600 light-years from Earth, astronomical speakers around the world were surprised to see this picture, which seemed like a mountain or valley above it. There seemed to be gas on the side and dust on the bottom

James Webb Space Telescope Sixth Picture

The sixth picture reveals the wavelengths present in the planet’s atmosphere. This picture is located at a distance of 1150 light-years from Earth, this time the possibility of water paper is being told.

The telescope took a picture of the planet Jupiter in the Solar System when it was testing its camera when things were spinning, in this picture the moons Europa and Metis can also be seen.

Talking about the specialty of the James Webb Space Telescope, a very large skin shield has been used to protect it from the sun’s radiation, it can also easily see the infrared parts, for this, with extremely cold temperature equipment and cameras. A mirror is also needed.

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