ChromeOS Flex now available to run on aging Macs and PCs

ChromeOS is a type of Linux-based operating system developed by Google. According to a blog post by Google, the new OS has been named ChromeOS Flex.

Which was launched on 7 July 2009 specifically to work with web applications. Google says that Chrome OS Flex can run efficiently on computer devices up to 13 years old.

After the launch, Google made this operating system an open source product under the name Chromium. Google is rolling out ChromeOS Flex as an alternative to enterprises. Because he wants to change the operating system in the old and on the PC. So that users can easily convert their old hardware into Chromebook.

ChromeOS Flex is a typical solution for older Macs and PCs.

When computers are older, problems start to arise in them gradually. This leads to performance slowdown, which leads to a complete change in the business of the computer instead of dealing with the poor performance.

Google hopes to help businesses keep older computers with ChromeOS Flex for a longer period of time. Lightweight’s system is designed to work well on older hardware. So that it can increase the life of the product.

It can be deployed quickly with the help of a USB stick or network connection.

Google has approved 295 devices for ChromeOS Flex. Well, it can be installed on other hardware also which runs smoothly even with hardware problems.

Systems running ChromeOS Flex using the Google Admin Console can be restricted through a Chrome Enterprise upgrade. Chrome OS is installed by OEMs.

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