Mini Electric Heater: It’s weird looking but hot air in 2 seconds

On seeing in the first look, one eye of someone is visible. But it is a simple design. There is an on and off button on the front.

This is a portable mini room heater. It can be easily carried from one place to another. If you go to an office, you can carry it in your bag.

But it requires a wire connected to supply power. It is available at 400 watts. There is a seven-blade fan to pass the hot air. With the help of this, the hot air is easily pushed to the outside.

According to the company, there is no smell of any kind in it. It’s totally super cool. But the biggest drawback is that the LED display has not been used in it.

In this mini portable room heater, you will not be able to know how hot the room heater has become. Neither is the mini room heater remote control. This room heater has only one power button.

The auto-cut system is not provided in this room heater. If you want this mini room heater to auto-off at a certain time, then no such feature has been given in it.

A limited feature has given only on power on. This means that the room heater temperature cannot be controlled.

Warmex 750/1500 Watts PTC Room Heater Bonfire (Red & Silver)

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Budget Fit Instant Heat Electric Remote Control Room Heater

This small-looking mini room heater is 900 watts. This means that it will consume more energy than a lower-wattage room heater.

Especially it is made for the office. The body material might be made of abs plastic as the company has not given details about it.

Its design is in the shape of a circle. Its part is divided into two parts. The outer body is black in color and the rear body is white in color.

The top-side led display has been installed. In which the temperature reading shows. This is a mini room heater, it is plugged into the direct board. A wire is not provided for connection.

This mini room heater can also be used for the bathroom. According to the company, its heating area is 20 m2.

Although it can also be controlled from the remote, but three control buttons have been given above the LED. It has a special feature that its plug can rotate 360 0.

If you are confused that this mini room heater has a battery. No, it is operated only by electricity, it does not include a separate battery.

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This mini electric room heater will come in pocket.

This mini electric room heater comes under the category of a mini room heater. I found this feature special that it is very small, it can be carried in many bags by filling it.

If you always travel or work in an office that does not have a room heater, then this heater can be useful for you.

If you are a student living in a rented room outside the house and you do not have enough money to buy a big room heater. This mini room heater can be great for a student.

Like we put the allout machine in the electric board and turn it on. Sem is built on the same concept. You have to switch on the button by connecting this mini room heater to the electric board as shown in the video.

The auto-off system has been given in this mini room heater. You can set this timer between 1 to 12 hours. This mini room heater will turn off when the timer runs out.

A mini fan has been used to take out the hot air. A small LED display has been given on the top side of this mini room heater to show the temperature readings.

You can adjust the temperature as per your wish. This mini room heater looks small but is 500 watts and can be controlled by remote as well.

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