The design of this Automatic Potato Peeler Machine is user-friendly. Once the fruit or vegetable is set in this machine and turned on, it peels the vegetables and fruits easily.

This peeler is 28 cm high. The fruits are set as shown in the video above.

It starts peeling the fruits or vegetables from the top end and ends at the bottom end. It is made from a mix of both abs and steel.


You can use it for peeling vegetables and peeling fruits. Such as peeling potatoes, oranges, apples, etc. can be done by this machine.

my suggestion

The entire body of this Automatic Potato Peeler Machine is made of abs plastic. This machine made fruit. It is currently available in four colors. There is one drawback to this peeler. A separate battery has to be inserted into it. Whose energy ends after some time. Which always had to be bought from the market.

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