Google Fi has reduced the prices of Google Fi Plans, giving relief to the customers. Earlier, the unlimited plan of Google fi was getting the rate of $ 30 per month. But while slashing the prices of the Google fi plan, the unlimited plan is offered at the rate of $ 20 per month.

There’s an Unlimited plan on four or more lines, priced at $20 per month. The unlimited plan will continue for family and group.

The manager of google fi says that our effort is to provide more and more high-speed data. In this, high data is being increased from 22GB to 35GB.

Let us tell you that Google Fi uses a cellular network. Google fi provides telephone calls, SMS, and mobile broadband services using the cellular network.

The company announced it is adding 5 Gb of dating and unlimited calls to Canada and Mexico.

Under this plan, the company is providing unlimited calling to Canada and Mexico at no extra cost and 50GB of data from 22GB per month in the first month.

In the Unlimited Plus plan, 100 GB of storage is getting free on Google One. You have been provided with the facility of international calls to more than 50 places and international calls to more than 200 places.

The company said the Flexible plan will cost $17 per line for up to four lines for unlimited calls and texts, as well as $10 per GB for data at home and abroad.

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