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In the following paragraph, we provide you some important gk questions from Indian Constitution out of 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Constituent Assembly

Who gave a concrete shape to the Constituent Assembly?

M.N Roy

What was the basis of the constitution assembly?

Cabinet Mission Plan, 1946

According to which constitution assembly of India was formed? (SSC 2001)

Cabinet mission plan

What proportion of the population was a representative to determine the allotted member numbers of each province in the Constitutional Council under the Cabinet Mission Plan? (UPPSC 2001)

1500000 people

Dr. BR Ambedkar was elected in the Constituent Assembly? (IAS 1996)

From erstwhile central India

Who presided over the inaugural session of the Constituent Assembly? (RRB ECRC 2005)

Sachchidanand Sinha

When was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held? (UPPCS 2009)

December 9, 1946

Who was the temporary president of the Indian constitution? (RRB ASM/GG 2005)

Sachchidanand Sinha

Who were the permanent members of the Constituent Assembly? (RRB CM 2004, LP 2005)

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Who was the elected permanent member of the Constituent Assembly? [CgPCS 2005]

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Was a member of the drafting committee of the Indian Constituent Assembly? [UPPSC 1995]

Dr. BR Ambedkar

Who proposed the Preamble before the Drafting Committee of the Constitution? [SSC 2011][CISF 2011]

Jawahar Lal Nehru

Who was the Chairman of the Federal Powers Committee of the Constituent Assembly? [SSC 2003]

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

Indian Constitution was adopted? [BPSC 1994]

By the Constituent Assembly

Indian Constituent Assembly adopted the design of the Indian National Flag? [SSC 2011]

22 July 1947

To the member of the Constituent Assembly drafting the Constitution of India -.[ IAS 2002]

Elected by assemblies of various provinces.

Who among the following first presented the idea of the Constituent Assembly for the creation of the Constituent Assembly for India? [IAS 1996]

Swaraj Party in 1924

Who presided over the first-day session of the Indian Constituent Assembly? [UPPCS 2005]

Sachchidanand Sinha

Who was the President of the Constituent Assembly of Independent India? [MPPSC 2010]

Dr. Rajendra Prasad

When did the Constituent Assembly accept the Constitution of India? [RRB TA 2005]

January 26, 1949

Secular means – [ RRB ECRC 2006]

Hunting the importance of all religions.

“India is a secular state” means the Indian state – [RRB GG 2006]

It does not support a certain religion.

What is the meaning of a republic? [RRB ECRC 2006]

States where the president is not hereditary.

How is India declared in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution? [BPSC 1998]

A sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic

India is a republic, what is its meaning?

India does not have a hereditary ruler.

Indian Economy

In the following paragraph, we provide you some important gk questions from Indian Economy out of 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Is this kind of economy in India? [ IPSC, BPSC 2011]

mixed economy

What does a mixed economy refer to? [SSC 2011]

The existence of both the public and private sectors.

A closed economy is an economy in which – [UPSC 2011]

There is neither export nor import.

The reason for structural unemployment is- [SSC 2000]

Insufficient production capacity

What does globalization mean? [ SSC 2011]

Integration of Financial Markets.

Which state of India is called “Ethiopia of India” due to excessive malnutrition? [UPPCS 2010]

To Madhya Pradesh

Is the World Development Report an annual publication? [IAS (Pre) 2002]


Which is not a part of the Human Development Index? [UPPCS 2009]

Health and nutrition.

What do you understand by a closed economy? [UPPCS 1991]

Import-export stopped.

What does the economic development of a country depend on? [ SSC 2011]

Natural resources, capital formation, market size

Which state of India has the highest percentage of poor? [SSC CPO SI 2007]


How is the level of poverty in India assessed? [UPPCS 2009]

Based on the consumption expenditure of the family.

What is the main cause of poverty in underdeveloped countries? [ SSC CPO 2010]

Income inequality.

The “Green Index” was developed by [MPPSC 2008]

United Nations Environment Programme

Who is called the forerunner of the liberalization of the Indian economy? [MPPSC 2008]

Dr. Manmohan Singh

Who created the Human Development Index? [SSC 2012]


On what basis are the sectors in an economy classified into public and private? [ SSC 2009]

Ownership of enterprises

India’s main source of national income? [IBPS 2005]


National Income? [IAS 1947]

Weak national production at production cost.

What is the national income of India estimated? [UPPCS 1995]

By Central Statistical Organization

Which state has the highest per capita income? [ UPPCS 1995]


Which state has the lowest per capita income at current prices in India? [BPSC 2005]



In the following paragraph, we provide you some important gk questions from Geography out of 100 Easy General Knowledge Questions And Answers

Which is not a part of the solar system?


How many constellations are there in space? [ BPSC 2001]


Who discovered the solar system? [SSC 2011]


The average distance between kin is called “astronomical unit”? [JPSC 2011]

Earth and Sun

What does “midnight sun” mean? [SSC 2011]

The sun’s substance shines for a long time in the bridge.

What is the percentage of hydrogen in the sun’s chemical mixture? [RRB GG 2002]


Which planet is the farthest from the sun? [RRB ASM/GG 2006]


Which planet completes the revolution of the sun in 88 days?


Which planet of the solar system is approximately how big is the Earth? [SSC 2011]

What is the brightest planet? [SSC 2012]


What is a supernova? [SC 2011]

Blast star

Who discovered the North Pole? [SSC 2011]

Robert Pieri

Who discovered the South Pole? [SSC 2011]

Roald Amundsen

Earth’s closest celestial body? [UP TET 2011]



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